Q. When will you be doing programs for the public?

A.  Throughout the summer we will be doing programs on Friday and Saturday nights at Sunset (9:00 p.m. in  June and July) and a daytime, sun-based, program at 5:00 p.m on Saturday.     Check our calendar, under "programs" for more detail.


Q. What does it cost?

Visits and programs are free.   However, if you like JGAP and would like to contribute to the Endowment campaign of the Friends of the Hocking Hills, please visit: HERE

Q. What if the weather is bad?

A.  Astronomy is, alas, at the mercy of the weather- and Ohio's weather is notoriously fickle.  Our programs are weather contingent.  If it is raining or extremely cloudy, the public program will be cancelled that night (or that day in the case of daytime programs).     Check the blue "banner" at jgap.org, or our Facebook Page, for up to date information.


Q. Can I bring my own telescope to observe with?

A.  Of course!  The JGAP was originally conceived as a place where members of the public who are interested in stargazing can enjoy the night sky at a location that is free of light pollution.  At our entrance gate there will be a kiosk that will feature a computer where visitors will sign in.  This will inform the Hocking Hills park officers of your presence.   Starting soon, no one will be permitted use the site without signing in at the kiosk first.


Q. Do I have to have a telescope to use JGAP?

A. For some, the best stargazing is done with the binoculars we were born with- our eyes!   So, all are welcome, telescope or not!


Q. Can I camp at the John Glenn Astronomy Park?

A. Camping will not be permitted on the site.  However, the site will be open to the public 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (except for special events), and, if you've got the stamina to stay up all night, there's nothing to keep you from enjoying the sky all night long.    

The Hocking Hills State Park has several nearby camping areas and many cabins for rental.  The broader Hocking Hills region is home to many bed-and breakfasts, cabins, and small resorts.    Information about the Hocking Hills State Park campsite and cabin rentals can be found here.   Information about private accommodations can be found here. 


Q. Can I bar-b-Que, Grill, or bring a picnic or lawn chair?

A. The light from campfires and grills disturbs those who attempt to use the site, and produces ashes that will soil telescope optics, so any form of open flame will not be permitted on the site.  However, if you'd like to lay down a blanket or set up a lawn chair, please feel free!   (Blankets are especially appropriate for nights in which meteor showers predicted).

Q. Pets?

A: Pets on a leash and under control are fine during the day. Please keep "business" outside the fence line (people will be setting up in our grass once it has grown in). A good spot is behind the telephone pole next to the ditch to the west of the parking lot. At night, pets have a habit of knocking into telescopes, and we discourage visits with pets after dark.


Q. I'd like to help, who do I get in touch with?

A. Please write to director@jgap.org or click the "Volunteer" tab above.  Thank you!