Help us share the universe and inspire minds.

The John Glenn Astronomy Park is a project of the charitable group, The Friends of the Hocking Hills.   It resides on state land in the Hocking Hills State park. Donations to the project will help us improve the facility, purchase new equipment, and conduct public programs.   

If you love the sky, and would like to help, please consider making a Tax Deductible donation.  

To donate, please follow this link to the Friends of the Hocking Hills donation page (this will open a new window):



When you contribute to the FOHH-JGAP, you become an advocate and important partner in the science education of our Ohio children in understanding the connection that we have as humans to the natural world and universe.

Your support and generosity will go beyond the personal satisfaction of aiding a valued cause  to further the knowledge and growth of the next generation of youth, and to better care for this special planet, “Mother Earth”…

      - Clyde Gosnell              



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